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Nothing but the Best, That's Toshiko.
  Toshiko really is a very special Asian Doll, and although there are many wonderful girls on this fabulous website, nothing really compares to her. Take a look at her pictures in the gallery section and you will surely agree that everything about her is perfection; read more

Better than The Real Thing?
  If you have been reading the blogs here on Asian Dolls London, you will already be familiar with Hanami, the gynoid escort. After her previous date, which didn’t really go according to plan {see the last blog here on Asian Dolls London, read more

Asian sex doll

Hanami's Unexpected Upgrade
  Do you remember the story about Hanami, the beautiful gynoid from the last blog here on Asian Dolls London? Well, here’s what Hanami did next. After a successful few months, during which time she made a lot of men very happy, read more

Sex doll

An Escort Designed for Pleasure
  Once upon another time, in the not so distant future, there was a girl called Hanami who had become one of the most popular Asian escorts in London. Well, she looked and talked like a girl; but in fact, she was a hybrid gynoid read more


Korean Girls

Korean Girls Just Want To Have Fun
With the popularity of K-Pop around the world in recent years, South Korea has become a mecca for Asian celebrities, and the beautiful girls in bands like BlackPink have demonstrated read more

High Class Asian Escort

High Class Oriental Escorts
There are so many escort agencies and independent escorts in London that sometimes it is hard for men to decide where to go and which escort to choose. read more