Hanami's Unexpected Upgrade

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Do you remember the story about Hanami, the beautiful gynoid from the last blog here on Asian Dolls London? Well, here’s what Hanami did next. After a successful few months, during which time she made a lot of men very happy, Hanami received a new chip which enabled her program to interact in more complex ways with her clients, and this is what happened on her first date after the upgrade.


Hanami had moved from her apartment to a very smart mews house in Belgravia which even had a small garden at the back. Her personal assistant, a nice Chinese girl called Kei who was fluent in AI and computer programming, lived at the house with Hanami in case of any unexpected malfunction in her program. Most of the time, Hanami had been faultless in the execution of her programming, and Kei’s only task was to freshen her up between bookings, but occasionally Kei had been called upon to re-boot her before her next date of the day. Hopefully, this newest upgrade would mean fully uninterrupted bookings.


One of Hanami’s regular clients appeared, as usual, for an hour of pleasure during his lunch break from his managerial position at a merchant bank. Hanami greeted him warmly and all seemed to be as it should; she offered him a drink and he sat down on the sofa. Hanami was wearing a beautiful Laura Ashley summer dress and she stood there, smiling in her usual manner waiting for instructions. “I wonder what colour of underwear you are wearing today” the client remarked. “Take off your dress slowly and show me.” Usually Hanami would obey this command without question, but the upgrade produced a most surprising result. Hanami sat down in an armchair facing the sofa and said, “Tell me why you want me to take off my nice dress, don’t you like it?”


Understandably, the client was rather taken aback and was at a loss as to how to respond, but he thought it best to play along for the time being. “Of course, I like it, it’s a very pretty dress, but I want to see you in your underwear.” Hanami smiled, “After I take off my dress, what is it you will want to do next?” She asked. “Well, on my word” he replied, “that is an odd question. I would have thought that was obvious, I want to take off your bra, fondle your breasts, and suck on your pretty nipples like I always do before laying you down on the floor and having my way with you.”


“I know what you want to do” Hanami said, “but my question is why do you want to do it?” The upgrade had triggered a philosophical algorithm imbedded deep in her program that was, in effect, interfering with the basic program of a gynoid which was to provide sexual services without question. At this point the client was at a loss how to respond, and he must have lost his presence of mind because he stood up and raised his voice, insisting that Hanami do as he asked. He had been told long before never to get angry and shout during his dates with the gynoid because this put her in self-defence mode to protect her against being damaged.


Hanami put the startled client in an arm lock and frogmarched him to the front door, giving him a firm boot to the backside and sending him reeling into the mews, then shut the door and went into sleep mode. The noise and commotion brought Kei running downstairs, and it wasn’t until later that she viewed the playback of the affair that she understood what had happened.


As you can imagine, Asian Dolls decided to remove the upgrade right away and apologised profusely to the client, offering him a long date with Hanami on the house as recompense. He turned the offer down, however, and decided to stick to real live girls from then on.



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Asian sex doll

Hanami's Unexpected Upgrade
  Do you remember the story about Hanami, the beautiful gynoid from the last blog here on Asian Dolls London? Well, here’s what Hanami did next. After a successful few months, during which time she made a lot of men very happy, read more

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