An Escort Designed for Pleasure

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Once upon another time, in the not so distant future, there was a girl called Hanami who had become one of the most popular Asian escorts in London. Well, she looked and talked like a girl; but in fact, she was a hybrid gynoid designed and built for one purpose, to fulfil the fantasies and desires of clients and deliver a service that would give ultimate satisfaction.


Hanami lived in a very special apartment that had an extra room in which her human flatmate stayed whenever she had an in-call, mostly in case there was any unforeseen mechanical error, but also to help with her bath and make up after each trick. Hanami was eagerly awaiting an upgrade which would make it possible for her to do out-calls, but this upgrade would not be available for quite some time. First time clients who visited her were always surprised at how lifelike she seemed, though all her actions and responses were the result of carefully interwoven algorithms.


Her conversation was limited to informal questions and responses such as “what you would like to do with me?” or “of course, you can come in my mouth” and other such things that are quite frequently said between an escort and a client, and her responses to questions like “is that good for you?” were always very precise and timely such as “ oh yes, do it harder please”, along with the appropriate sighs and groans of course. Her face was so beautiful and her body so perfect in every respect that looking at her was like looking at a degree of perfection that simply does not exist in nature, and her mouth and other orifices were dimensionally flawless and felt more real than the real thing.


The agency that had acquired Hanami at considerable cost was Asian Dolls London, which had been at the forefront of the Asian escort agency business in London for many years. It was their singular foresight that made them the first and only agency to recognise that gynoids were the shape of things to come in the industry. Some of their clients were only too eager to sample the delights of a gynoid like Hanami, while others were reticent at first until their curiosity got the better of them, and then they couldn’t wait to become regulars. In fact, booking a date with Hanami soon had to be arranged well in advance to secure a booking.


One day there was an unusual request which Hanami was not programmed for, a client arrived and asked to be her servant for an hour or two and clean the apartment for her while she watched. The request seemed simple enough, and at first things went rather well with the client dusting the tables and cleaning counters all the time taking furtive peaks at Hanami who was wearing her newest set of La Perla underwear. It was when the client had finished cleaning that things got a little confused for Hanami; the client knelt in front of her and began to masturbate. “would you like me to show you my tits?” Hanami asked, but instead of a reply the client just shook his head and continued to masturbate. “would you like me to suck on your balls?” Hanami asked, but the client just shook his head again. Hanami’s programme did not incorporate being there and doing nothing while a client satisfied himself, so she decided to engage the only part of her programme which did not involve touching or kissing or any interpersonal interaction. Hanami laid down on the couch and engaged her own masturbation mode. Fortunately, this was precisely what the client wanted, though he was too shy to say it, and he crawled over to the cough and came all over her.


The concept of gynoid prostitutes may still sound like science fiction to some people, but it is surely inevitable. As cyborgs develop into functional, almost sentient synthetic beings, so will gynoids become a mainstay in the escort world. Hanami is representative of possibly the first in a series of gynoids that will eventually be self-sufficient enough to do out-call bookings, or even travel with clients and do their own shopping. Their greatest advantage is that they will never have to spend time at beauty salons or worry about their weight or the aging of their bodies; they will be as fresh and new and youthful as the day they got their seal of approval at the last phase on the assembly line.

It’s a brave new world.



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Sex doll

An Escort Designed for Pleasure
  Once upon another time, in the not so distant future, there was a girl called Hanami who had become one of the most popular Asian escorts in London. Well, she looked and talked like a girl; but in fact, she was a hybrid gynoid read more


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